Five ways to make your website safe from Google’s Quality Update

Is your website is ready for another Google update yes or not?

From my opinion if this update is related to Google panda or penguin then I would say yes but if it’s another update then there is think to notice. As per many websites some of my website’s ranking has been also drop down in earlier of this month. It all happened just because of the Quality algorithm updates which was rolled out by Google earlier in this month.

Google Quality Update: Now the thing is that which all things should be in your website which will pass parameters of Google’s quality update. According to google there is a post on a search engine land in which google is giving example about what all things should be in your website to make it perfect in eye of Google search engine. Right now there is no clue on that what are the requirements for a website to make it Google Quality friendly.

But I hope Google will announce soon for these all things. On other hand according to Search Console Help if you would like to make your website amazing then first of all you should think about your visitors and high quality content. Below are the some examples which could make a website full of Quality:

1. Suitable and Helpful:While you are going to launch a new website you should always keep one thing in your mind describe more deeply as you can about that particular website. Like if you are making shopping site then site should have proper contact information, Operational hours, menu about products and attractive blog for upcoming event.

2. How To Beat Competitors: You know you are the master in your field think you are going to write about How to do SEO after Google Panda and Penguin. Remember one thing there are numerous of blogs and articles are available on the web and now it’s the challenge for you how you will beat them and it’s possible only then when you will have altered viewpoint than your competitors.

3. Attractive: Engage the visitors on your website is full with lots of challenges but it’s not impossible you can attract them with stylish and meaningful images of your products.

4. Trust of Site: Now-a-days Google is giving high authority to that site which has trust and reputation in visitors view. If you would like to boost authority of your website then you should have quality back links, review and testimonials on your site. When your real customers will leave review and testimonials then you can see how trustworthiness and reputation of your site will go up in eye of Google which will be add much advantage for you.

5. Importance of Quality: Content is the real king and it has been proved so many times, now the thing is that how it would be create. It’s some difficult but not an impossible, for that you should know the requirements of your customers and readers. Write unique content could be prove easy for you when you will open your mind and search more deeper about that topic on which you are writing content for your website or blog. Beside that you should have unique, useful and long content on every webpage of your website without canonical errors.