Top 10 Free High PR Infographic Submission Sites List

There is a lot of option and things to reflect on when submit to info-graphic submission sites list. Some Info graphic sites require registration. Check All SEO shred very useful list of Top 10 Free High PR Info graphic Submission Sites, this do follow info-graphic list given do follow high authority back links to your website than your website gain top SERP results. Top Infographics posting sites list also given high quality profile back links to your website.
Info Graphic Sites List PR Registration Required
visual.ly 7           Yes
slideshare.net 7           Yes
infographicsshowcase.com 5           No
infographicsarchive.com 5           No
reddit.com/r/infographics 4           Yes
nerdgraph.com 4           No
loveinfographics.com 4           Yes
submitinfographics.com 4           No
theinfographics.blogspot.com 3           No
infographixdirectory.com 3           No

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